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Plan for Natural Green Burials Award-winning green burial parks.
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The essence of a green funeral is age-old elemental simplicity. It rejects the so-called traditional funeral with its stuffy, Victorian, urban look, in favour of an outdoorsy, homespun, back-to-nature look. It prefers an unspoilt landscape to that of a regimented conventional cemetery.

Respect is a Multi Award Winning company that offers a truly National service for both Burial & Greener Cremation, please see the Award Logos Below

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Plan for Unique Greener Cremations © Affordable and worry free cremation

There are many choices open to you. You may want a very traditional type of Funeral, or one that includes some different options – whatever your wishes we can fulfill them, we can help you to create a Special Funeral that meets your exact requirements.

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Plan for Express Burials & Greener Cremations © Pre Planning allows you to tailor to your requirements.
No fuss private un-attended National Express Service for both Natural Green Burial and our unique Greener Cremation
Requiring few decisions and costs less than our other funeral services, freeing a family from unnecessary financial burdens.

Funeral Plans Tailored For You Pre Planning your wishes helps protect your loved ones from the stress of guessing what type of funeral you wanted


Pre-plan everything so that your wishes are clear. That means less stress and uncertainty for your family and friends.


A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to freeze the funeral director’s costs in the plan at the current rates.


Decide if you would like to pay the funeral plan as a lump sum or in affordable monthly installments


When you pre-plan your wishes, Your loved ones will not have to think about your funeral wishes or potentially have to find a huge lump sum in order to cover the funeral expenses that you may not want.


You can be assured your pre-paid funeral plan application will be accepted without subjection to medical questionnaires whatever your age.


We listen to your needs to help gain a better understanding of exactly what type of funeral you wish to plan for

Awards & Recognition Respect are finalists in this years Good Funeral Awards, having won Best Burial Ground and Best Alternative Transport Awards in the last four years. please see some of the many award logos below

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Increasing Funeral Costs is inevitable according to The Sun Life Cost Of Dying Report 2024 ``the cost of a basic funeral in the UK is on the rise again``

The reality facing us all is that the costs of a funeral in the UK have risen and are predicted to continue to rise.

Only Respect Can Guarantee Green Burial Fees and our Funeral services fees at our own parks to beat the future rising costs of funerals

Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses, and The Respect Direct Funeral Services Funeral Plan is a caring, sensible and cost-effective way to do so.

Get a quote now Get a free online personalised quote and learn more about the plans we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions If you would like to discuss your questions with us directly, please call at 01427 612992 we are fully registered with the FCA and approved by our plan provider to discuss funeral plans our FCA number is FCA 982369

Can I take a Plan out for somebody else?

Yes, you can buy a Plan for someone else. If you do this, as the Plan Purchaser you will receive a copy of the Plan

Can I personalise my plan?

Absolutely, the Plan is designed to be as personal to you as you wish.

Will there be anything else to pay for at the time of the funeral?

All Green Burial Funeral Plans for burials in our parks are fully guaranteed and there will be nothing more to pay for the services included in your Plan. For Cremations our Greener Express Cremations are also fully fixed fees, but for funeral services held in Places of Worship & Crematoriums the third-party costs such as crematorium and ministers fees can not be guaranteed, the fee you pay for cremations is a contribution towards the future costs

What if I die before I have paid in full?

If your time comes before you have made the 13th payment, then the fees are credited to your funeral and your estate will be requested to pay the outstanding balance.  if your time comes after the 13th payment then you / your estate have no more to pay as your plan is fully insured from the moment you open the plan.