What is a Woodland Burial?

What is a woodland burial?

A woodland burial is similar to a natural burial in that the process is completely natural and materials used are bio-degradable. The major difference is that woodland burials take place in the woods or forests whereas natural, eco-friendly and green burials take place in meadows. If you’d like to learn more about environmentally friendly burials click here.

Woodland BurialWhy should you choose a woodland burial?

A woodland burial allows you to preserve the environment as well as helping to establish a small eco-system. Woodland, eco-burials and natural burials alike use recyclable materials such as shrouds, willow caskets, wicker caskets and cardboard coffins. The graves are hand dug and aren’t as deep as traditional burials in order to allow oxygen to generate thus allowing nutrients to feed the earth as evidenced within Respect Green Burial Parks.

Is a Woodland Burial right for you?

If you prefer to preserve the environment and have a more natural feel to your burial as opposed to the more traditional funeral, a woodland burial may just be for you. Set in the heart of the woods, which helps to give the burial a more private feel and helps the grieving friends and family realise they are letting their loved one/friend return to nature amongst the birds and the bees.

To truly understand green and natural burials in further detail please click here as it provides a more in depth explanation.

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